WordPress Themes (3rd party providers) – endorsed by Parnassus Creative and Kennon Design

While we have developed quite a few WordPress Themes for use by our clients, we have also discovered some WordPress Themes developed by 3rd party providers that fit within our specifications. Those specifications being:

Low cost or no cost to end users
No malicious coding contained within the theme
Support and documentation for the end user created by the developer
Theme customizations available by the end users to meet the site requirements
Compatibility with the services and features available on our Hosting Cooperative
Site security meeting our own and industry standards

Currently this list includes:

Tesseract by Ryan Moore Tyler | Create a WordPress Website – Step by Step (http://tyler.com/)

The Tesseract Theme does include a YouTube video that takes you step-by-step through the installation and setup process of your site. Though the video is about 2½ hours long, it is very thorough including which additional WordPress Plugins to install and how to use them. Additionally, the video includes other resource links and how to use them as well. The link to the video is the same as the one for the Theme download. Here is a link to a working ‘Live’ site that is using this WordPress Theme: Kennon Design | Being Creative! (http://www.kennon-design.com/). The Tesseract Theme must be downloaded first then uploaded to your site while the other two can be installed directly from WordPress via your site’s Dashboard Theme interface, just search using the Theme’s name.

MyStile by WooCommerce Mystile — WooThemes (http://www.woothemes.com/products/mystile/)

Like the tutorial video for the Tesseract Theme, the MyStile Theme has a YouTube Tutorial video provided by a 3rd party source. The link to the YouTube Tutorial video is: How to Create an ECOMMERCE Website with WordPress — Online Store! — YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl8wlHPbs9I). This tutorial video is also very comprehensive and about almost 3 hours long. Here is a link to a working ‘Demonstration’ site that is using this WordPress Theme: BCQ Kennon Design (http://www.bcq.kennon-design.com/).

Customizr by PressCustomizr Customizr WordPress Theme (http://presscustomizr.com/customizr/)

The Customizr Theme does not have a Tutorial video and the documentation can be a little confusing, here is the link to the documentation: Customizr WordPress Theme Documentation (http://doc.presscustomizr.com/customizr/). The Theme does include some interesting features worth considering for your WordPress platform site. Here is a link to a working ‘Live’ site that is using this WordPress Theme: Wichita Professional Communicators | Connecting Communicators in the Wichita, Kansas, area (http://wichitaprofessionalcommunicators.com/).

All three of these WordPress Themes can be installed on your WordPress platform site hosted on the Parnassus Creative Website Hosting Cooperative

Parnassus Creative does everything we can to make things work for your website ‘Just the way you like it!’ and to provide you with the informational documentation and tutorials so that you can ‘Create everything and do what you love making the world a better place’. Parnassus Creative… ‘Just one of the advantages of doing business with us’.

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