Having trouble with your Windows 10 Upgrade?

I went through the suggested Windows 10 Upgrade for both of my Windows 7 PC’s. It has autmotically tried multiple times to install the upgrade failing each time.

I looked up the failure code on the Microsoft Home Users website and came across this Forum entry:

“WindowsUpdate_80240020” “WindowsUpdate_dt000” — Microsoft Community

This worked for me…
1) Access this file location C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload and delete everything there. (Note delete only content found there and not the Download folder itself)
2) Open CMD (command prompt) with run as administrator (admin privileges) and run this command: wuauclt.exe /updatenow
The Update Window should pop-up with downloading Windows 10 again, and if you’re lucky it will be the complete kit this time.
Source: http://sccmtips.ro/fix-windowsupdate_80240020-error-in-windows-10-downloadinstall/

After following the directions above, the Windows 10 Upgrade began to download again. I just have to wait on the more than 2GB to finish downloading before seeing if this fixes the problem. My Windows 8.1 PC upgraded without any major problems encountered, the exception being my favorite Sidebar Widgets having to be fixed (1st Repaired, then uninstalled, then re-installed fixed this problem).

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