Windows 10 Upgrade on Dell Laptop running Windows 7

Looks like the Windows 10 Upgrade on my 5 year old Dell Laptop (running Windows 7 Home Premium) has been successful, so far. The Upgrade Fix mentioned in my previous blog post did the trick to get the files downloaded in its entirety this time, though I need to make a fourth attempt on my tower PC when my internet connection will not be as busy. I’m also getting another newly acquired 10 inch laptop working properly for my wife so that is also taxing my internet bandwidth today.

I am still downloading a couple of Windows Updates for my particular unit, drivers for some hardware in it but nothing major.

The upgrade did fix one nasty problem I was having with Internet Explorer (10 and 11), the Flash Player was not functioning though it was in both Chrome and Firefox. It is now working in both I.E. 11 and the new Microsoft Edge along with the other two web browsers I have installed on this laptop.

Since I was aware of the problem I had with the Toshiba laptop and my favorite Sidebar Widgets I was able to quickly deal with it successfully.

I am disappointed with one thing though… Solitaire is gone! It was the one PC game I played on a regular basis, usually while waiting on some other task to get completed. I know I can get it back via some of the offerings in the Microsoft Store, but they’re just not the same, so sad. If anyone knows how to restore the original Solitaire game from Windows 7 into Windows 10, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

The pre-upgrade inspection that showed one potential problem appears to have been resolved. I tracked that down to a one-time network connection I had setup a long time ago and never removed when I was done working with it.

It looks like with the exception the Solitaire game all of my previously installed programs were carried over to Windows 10 and seem to be functioning as intended.

I have seen one very satirical review of the Windows 10 Upgrade and why Microsoft is giving away for free. I did get a chuckle out of reading it myself.


All DreamHost users will get a free upgrade to DreamHost 10!

It doesn’t look any different. It doesn’t feel any different. It doesn’t really perform any better or worse than the old DreamHost.

There’s not really any good reason to upgrade.

And that’s why it’s free.

In fact — it’s already done.

You’re on the new DreamHost now!


–Brett @DreamHostBrett

This was from a newsletter I receive from one of the Hosting Service companies I work with. It did make me think about the Windows 10 Upgrade and why I am doing it on my PC’s. I have been extremely happy with Windows 7 over any other version I have used over the years.

I did not like the Windows 8 or 8.1 versions simply because they did not have the usual user interface I was used to having available in a Windows PC environment. I became accustomed to learning new ways of reaching the parts of whatever operating system I needed to access and accepted many of the limitations and roadblocks I encountered along the way, this includes the Android operating system mostly found on tablets and cell phones.

Windows 8 and 8.1 I believe was an attempt by Microsoft to ‘woo back’ many users that had made the jump to the Android operating system and its graphical user interface and touch screens.

This development ignored the typical Windows ‘power users’ that preferred using their keyboard and mouse to navigate through the various menus to reach the functions and tasks they wanted to work on. It also forced a large number of not so tech savvy users to learn a new way of using their PC’s.

Windows 10 seems to address these issues giving back to us more familiar ways of doing things on our PC’s.

So why am I doing the Windows 10 Upgrade on my 5 year old Dell laptop running Windows 7.

Anyone that has worked with computers for more than 5 years already understands that in that period of years both hardware and software developments makes something 5 years old almost a dinosaur.

While my 5 year old Dell laptop was not a high end unit when new, I had selected both hardware and software available for it at the time which made it far superior to the bargain basement units that were so popular when I was in the market for a new laptop PC. It has served me well, been relatively reliable, even has survived unwelcome house guests (the kind you have to spray bug killer), and a couple of road-trips as well. I believe that the Windows 10 upgrade just may add to its longevity and give me a couple more years of service.

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